Vic DiBitetto

Special Event


Thu, Dec 5, 2024
Fri, Dec 6, 2024
Sat, Dec 7, 2024

Vic DiBitetto

Special Event
The Italian Hurricane

He prowls the stage like a Tiger. He holds no hostages. He says what you are thinking but are afraid to say out loud. Oh…and he’s beyond hysterical!

Vic is currently a cast member of the Amazon Prime TV Series Gravesend and has been Co-Headlining special event shows with comic legend Andrew “Dice” Clay.

  • Over 2 Million Followers On Social Media
  • Over 1 Billion Digital & Linear Views Worldwide
  • Recurring Cast Member On The Gravesend Television Series (Amazon Prime)
  • His New Album, Working Class Zero, As Currently On Sale @ iTunes & Amazon, Streaming On Pandora & Airing On SiriusXM Radio a

Vic has created many viral video characters…Uncle Vic’s Garage, Tony Gaga, That Guy, Frankie Pentangelli, Scarface, Rocky, Fool by the Pool and Ticked Off Vic. His Yankee and Giant locker room and press conference satires are now legendary. And his Bread and Milk video is like a Christmas Carole that comes back on TV, radio and news outlets every time it snows worldwide!

You’ve never seen anything like Vic DiBitetto on stage. So see him on stage!!!